My journey with Nuith begins as a collection of stories, shared in the hope of enriching and strengthening our relationship with spirit; and in our surrender to the divine, that we may find the courage to renounce the superfluous and useless mask that we so vainly cling to and hide behind. When we collectively find the courage to descend into our emotional depth and vulnerability, and engage in direct honest interchange, only then do we experience the rich exchange of the heart that dissolves the boundaries of the ego—boundaries that serve only to keep us apart.

Image of Celia Alida Rutte.

My Wedding Story

Justin and I were married during the covid era. We were forced to postpone our wedding twice, which resulted in the planning of three weddings in three different seasons over the course of two years.

Through the chaos and turmoil of that time a story emerged which begged to be shared. As the story was being written it inspired the launch of Nuith|NewEarth, and then found a prominent place alongside the beautiful photos of our wedding day.